Fayetteville Favorite: Arsaguas at Church & Center

Locally known as “Toast-saguas”, Arsaguas at Church & Center is renowned for its local namesake- Crafty Toast- and boy, is it dreamy! Wake up and get your day started right by going to the sunshine yellow, one roomed restaurant that has a level of intimacy, character and charm that is second to none. Then, you get to the food. The first time I had Arsaguas toast I was blown away. The rich flavors and  beautiful presentation, I didn’t want the meal to end. Under the umbrella of the Arsaguas Coffee Roasters, their drinks are always great too. If you are staying in downtown Fayetteville, this is a don’t miss toasty-treat!

Bluebird Top Picks:

  • Very Nice Toast- sub cream cheese for pistachio coconut cream
  • Side of two boiled eggs- got to get the protein in!
  • The G.O.A.T



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